My Sissy Makes Me Enjoy Pt3

Last part where my slut gives me a pleasure, my pussy is more and more wet, I masturbate with my magic wand while my slut fucks my pussy with a big dildo, I have very big orgasms, I squirt a lot and my slut lick my good pleasure juice. –  (Vide…

My Sissy Makes Me Enjoy Pt2

I continue to take pleasure with my slut, my pussy is all wet, I masturbate in front of her while she wanks his little dick and I play with her nipples then he licks me and wanks my wet pussy again that opens more and more. –  (Video) 

My Sissy Makes Me Enjoy Pt1

That day, I wanted to take pleasure with my slut, I first sucked his little cock and I asked him to lick and finger my hairy pussy and you will see this slut is very good at making me enjoy with his tongue and their fingers –  (Video) 

CBT For My Mistress Pt2

Second part and endof the video that my slave to achieve for me, he continues to torture his balls, he wanks his little noodle by talking to me, insulting his small cock. He cums and licks sperm on his hands. I took a great pleasure to see him humili…

CBT For My Mistress Pt1

Here is a video that my slave to realize for me out of love during my absence, he whip hard his balls and his small cock that he jerk while talking to me, I love to see him show off and humiliate for me and it excites me to show you this video. – &n…

Big Cock vs Small Dick

I humiliate my sissy slut Maxime by comparing her little noodle with a big dildo in the shape of a penis and I ask him to jerk off her little dick while continuing to humiliate him, insulting him, she cums on my boots that she lick and as reward for …

Stretching Balls Arse Whipping Pt2

My sissy slut Maxime still has the weights that stretch his balls while I whip his ass with my dragon tail whip , I also whip his balls stretched ans her little dick wets like a slut –  (Video) 

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Stretching Balls Arse Whipping Pt1

In this session bdsm I continue to martyrise the balls of my sissy slut Maxime, stretching them to the maximum with weights and I ask him to walk with the weights hanging on his balls and make them swing in all directions while giving him shots whip …