Claires Kilt Capers Pt2

Who’d have thought that wearing a kilt and having a top my tits pop out of so easily meant I could pick a guy up in a club and persuade him to come back to mine for a fuck and shoot Claire xx –  (Gallery) 

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A Pantyhose Lure

Luring you in to worship my sexy nude pantyhose. Sultry moves to catch all moves. Glimmering nylon makes you squirt a little precum and you jerk off and worship.Cum be mesmerized and lured to my hot pantyhose. –  (Video) 

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Wearing my nice new kimono to do some practising.It’s amazing what you can do with a violin and bow –  (Gallery) 

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Three Girl Fun Savana Molly Helena Pt1

Hello guysMe, Molly and Selena had just been out. When we got back home we were feeling very, very horny, look what happened Enjoy xx –  (Video) 

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White Mini Stockings Pt1

–  (Gallery) 

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Sexy Toes To Worship Wrinkled Soles To Lick

Cum to my pretty feet and masturbate while you suck each toe and lick the soles of my foot one at a time. You love my painted toes they make your cock drip for me. Wiggling my toes many angles so you can worship my feet well. Give me some cum lotion …

Bondage Training Pt3

Under tutor-ledge from the expert Mistress VJ, our two slaves are subjected to all sorts of bondage fun with floggers, wrapping, pegs, pin-wheels and anything else we deemed fit. Claire xx –  (Video) 

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Bedroom Massage Pt3

Well this was shockingI booked a massage with my usual lady but she was illInstead a very nice man called Winston arrives at my door.And he insisted I took all my clothes offAnd then he got nude tooAnd he was hugeI was horrifiedYou’ll never guess wha…