Masturbation Whip For Orgasm Pt1

Naked with a pair of boots and my bitch collar, I masturbate in front of my master, he makes me suck his dick, he tells me that I am a big slut, he whips me the breasts which gives me a lot of pleasure… –  (Video) 

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You Want A Smokey Blowjob Pt1

In part 1, Im drinking and smoking, waiting for my next caller. Im horny and cant wait to be getting up to some naughty action. I down a shot and pour myself another. Its going down very well. Then my phone goes off.Hello, Mrs Leather here, How can I…

PVC Garage Mistress Pt1

Not quite regulation workwear for working in this garage, but it does provide me with a nice wipe clean surface should I need it – Claire xx –  (Video) 

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Meet The Leather Twins

Standing by the full length mirror in head to toe leather I enjoy seeing my reflection. Imagine there were two Mrs Leather Could you handle them both At the same time I bet youd love to give it a try xxx –  (Gallery) 

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Completely Sloshed Shoot

Go on said my camera man, have a drink, it will loosen you up nicelyOut came a bottle of JD and before I knew it I was completely smashed haha. So bleary eyed as members can see. The tog had wanted me to do a balloon set but after attempting to blow …

Curvy Claires Bedroom Fun Pt6

Autumn is in the air but a spring is in my step as I hook up with this really nice chap for some proper bedroom fun. Claire xx –  (Video) 

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Gum Boots

With these great boots from Aigl I make the stable always clean and dqann they become so muddy. I then go naked with them to the water and wash them in there. –  (Video) 

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Slave Cums On Boots

I can be a very generous mistress. Especially if ive been generously paid. This particular grovelling slave had been very good all morning posing for videos and photo sets. I knew he was ready to burst soon. So at the end of the session I allowed him…